Brooks Handlebar Tape Leather bt02ao7205 One Size Brooks England Ltd BT02A07202

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Product Description

  • Good quality leather
  • Perforated
  • Natural comfort

Composition of the kit leather handlebar:
- 2 rolls of handlebar in perforated leather and ligero-2 natural-2 wood cork handlebar plugs and adhesive tapes of fabrics

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Panda Peter
7 June 2018
There is very little to this bar tape- it's a strip of leather with weak, narrow double sided tape on the back. I found the leather was marginally too short for my bars, and also found that the adhesive tape comes off the leather way too easily and then will not restick. The fabric strips to finish the tape are too short and frankly look like sticking plasters after a few days of use. The rubber end stops are hard to get in and font hold the end of tape tucked in place very well at all.

It looks and feels ok in use, but the entire product rather smells of Brooke's cashing in on their reputation with a poor quality product (which I believe is not manufactured by them) that retails at a pretty premium price.

Earl Harper
27 July 2017
Whilst the quality of the product is good, it is not as advertised. The first product I ordered came in a Honey Leather Bar Tape with Wood/Cork end plugs box, which is what I ordered, but inside was Brown Microfiber Bar Tape with Rubber end plugs. I contacted Amazon, who sent me a replacement with exactly the same results. I've now returned that one too and decided to go for Cinelli Imperial Bar Tape which is a bit more expensive, but hopefully more reliable. It's a shame, Brooks used to be a reliable and high quality brand...
Mr. B R E Dawson
9 July 2016
Plastic bungs rather than cork and the
Mr S
25 December 2015
No cork end plugs, looks very cheap. As a brand Brooks should be ashamed.
2 August 2012
I chose this green color to match my Dawes Galaxy touring bike. I took the tape and the bike to the Bikeshack in Leyton to have it professionally done. And the result was beautiful. I absolutely love it.My bike now looks the business. Brooks really do quality products. I love everything about Brooks especially their leather saddles.
29 January 2015
Very good tape, will definitively last very long.
22 June 2016
Think Brooks England and you picture traditional craftsmen, quality British manufacturing from Birmingham, right? Unfortunately no, this leather wrap has
Richard Hubbard
3 November 2014
Beautiful!!!!!!! A lot easier to fit than expected as the leather 'gives' more than I thought it would. A tad expensive but it really is worth the money as it really transforms the look of the bike and is comfy too. Just take your time when fitting but then you should with any bar tape if you want it to look good. Top marks Brooks!! :)