DraughtEx - 8mm Width - 40 Metre Roll DXS40-8MM

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  • 40m Roll

Draughtex Quick and Easy way to stop floorboard draughts and heat loss Simple to install Saves £20.00-£40.00/room/year on energy bills with added comfort How to Fill Floorboard Gaps? Gaps in between floorboards create cold draughts which lead to chilly rooms, discomfort during the winter months and increased heating bills. Floorboard gaps also allow insect infestation. Most traditional floorboard gap fillers are messy to install and often fall out over time. If you have experienced these problems, is the solution. Floorboard Filler is a proven floorboard gap filler, designed to eliminate the cold draughts and improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Easy to install with the free applicator, requires no adhesives and compliments the overall finish of your floorboards. The specially formulated colour "Shadow" has been designed to mimic the natural shadows created between floorboards and is almost invisible to the naked eye. Its flexible properties allow to be applied to a wide range of gaps which will be completely sealed. The filler can also be used to seal gaps between floorboards and skirting boards. comes supplied with a free applicator and comes in sizes, Thin for gaps of 4mm or less, medium for gaps of 2 - 7mm and Thick for gaps of 8-2mm. Energy Savings A 2 x 2ft room has approximately 25 floorboards and an average gap area of .87ft² which is similar to a small window being left open. Based on the results of research carried out by The Energy Saving Trust, it is estimated that filling floorboard gaps can save a household up to £20.00-£40.00/room/year on energy bills and reduce its CO2 contribution by around 0kg. Box Includes 40M Roll of Draughtex, Fitting Instructions, Free Application Tool

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