Dromedary Parking Sensor For 4B0919275E 7H0919275C Dromedary Autoparts

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Product Description

  • Direct fit replacement unit
  • Accurate measure the distance of vehicle rear and nearest obstacle
  • 3 pin connection
  • Warning to attention Closing driver
  • Dromedary is a Registered trademark. This item is ONLY fulfilled by Amazon and seller "Dromedary"


(2002-2009) Audi A H7, B6, HE, B7 Convertible
(997-2005) Audi A6 B, F2, F5, C5, C6 Estate
(997-2005) Audi A6 B, C5
(2006-20) Audi A6 Allroad FH Estate
(2002-200) Audi A E Saloon
(200-20) Skoda Octavia Z3, Z5 Hatchback
(2003-20) VW Multivan MK V MPV
(2002-200) VW New Beetle Y7, 9C, C Convertible
(200-2009) VW Polo 9N Hatchback
(2003-20) VW Transporter / Caravelle MK V
Package Included:

x Bumper parking senso

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