Fittoway Plastic Suction Cup Gecko Chameleon Feeder Translucent Anti-escape Dish for Reptile Feeding

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Product Description

  • Material: Made of high quality ABS plastic, safety and health,strong and durable.
  • Size: 3.86x2.28x2.13 inch/9.8x5.8x5.4cm. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.
  • Design: Prevent escape design, the features of reptile feeder dish is smooth in surface and inward-curved walls, this make it extremely difficult for mealworms to escape from the dish.
  • The suction cup can be easily removed and replaced, provides elevated feeding location which Reptile prefer and saving space.
  • Please do not put a lot of insects into the dish or it will cause a waste and the prevent escape design is only suitable for crawling insects.

Are you still looking for a feeder for your reptile pet? Here it is! This feeder is designed with translucent, allows all-round observation of reptiles food in the bowl, evoke desire to eat. It can be fixed in cages, easy to install and easy to use. In addition, it's made of high quality ABS plastic, safety and health, strong and durable. Suggest hang on the tank, glass wall, cylinder wall, Acrylic box. Save space. Please attention: Do not suitable for jumping insects (Cricket) and wings insects (Mantis Beetle). Suitable for Reptile such as lizard Spider Scorpion Gecko Chameleon Snake Iguana Worm and so on.

Material:ABS plastic.
Size: 3.86x2.28x2.13 inch/9.8x5.8x5.4cm.

Package Included:1 x Reptile Feeder

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