Gallant Standard 1 Inch Vinyl Weight Plates Set - 10KG Each, Available in 20KG, 40KG, 60KG, 80KG, 100KG sets Gallant Sports

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Product Description

  • GALLANT VINYL COATED CEMENTED WEIGHT PLATES DISC 5KG AND 10KG Gallant Vinyl Coated Cemented Weights Plates Are Available In 5Kg And 10Kg. Fits All Standard Dumbbell Bars, Curl Bar, Tricep Bar. These Weights Plates Are Excellent For Use And Protects Floor With Vinyl Covering.
  • WEIGHTS PLATES DISC CAN BE USED TO PERFORM MUSCLE STRENGTHENING EXERCISE The Use of Free-Weights is One Of The Most Efficient Ways To Add Muscle Definition, Burn Calories, improve Balance, Endurance Training, Increase Strength And Injury Prevention
  • STEP UP YOUR STRENGTH AND CARDIO TRAINING WITH FULL BODY WORKOUT They Can Drag And Push Plates For Cardio, Throw Plates Outdoor For Explosive Power, Do Catch And Release Work For Plyometric Training And Perform Pinch Drills to Work on Grip And Strength
  • PLATE WORKOUT WARM-UP To Prove The Versatility and Power of This Tool, for the warm-up and workout, All You Need is One Weight Plate. At First, You Can Choose to Use The Same Weight Plate For All Exercises, But As You Get Stronger You Can add Heavier Weight Plates.
  • WEIGHT PLATES SUITABLE FOR ALL STANDARD DUMBELLS AND BAR These Plates Fits All Standard 1" Weight Bars And Dumbbells. Available in 5kg and 20kg Sets 10KG (2X5kg) 20Kg (4X5kg) 20kg (2X10kg), 40kg (4X10kg), 60kg (6X10kg), 80kg (8X10kg), 100kg (10X10kg)

Gallant Vinyl Coated Cement Weight Plates. These are 1" Standard weight plates which will fit any standard bar or dumbell bars. We have a huge range of option for user to choose from. These weight plates are excellent for use and protects floor with vinyl covering.

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