Masterplug PT133W 13amp Plug with 3amp Fuse - White PT133W-MS

£ 1 18

Size Name:3 Amp


Product Description

  • Ideal for indoor power applications
  • 13 amp rated
  • Gloss white
  • 3 amp fuse (BS1362)
  • Sleeved pins

Product Description

This Masterplug Indoor Power plug is ideal for indoor power applications.

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J. R. Yon
30 June 2012
There is nothing wrong with this plug. It's a standard UK 13A plug with a 3A fuse, as described. However, the label on the product states that it's a 3A plug. This conflicts with the rating on the plug itself, and is clearly just a rather unfortunate typo. Please see my uploaded image for evidence.

While there is nothing innovative here, I needed a plug, I ordered a plug and I received a plug. As a bonus, it's the type with a narrow body and a clear ridge around the top, which is helpful when, as I am, you're manually challenged. Now I just have to wire the thing. That's the fiddly bit...
14 June 2018
Bought for my pond pumps / filtration equipment, which require 3amp fuses, rather than change the fuses and add to my growing 13amp fuse collection, these plugs made sense. They’re also quite compact compared to others. Recommended.
John Coffee
15 June 2018
Nice quality plug and does what it was made for.
Henry Dodds
12 January 2018
Sadly rather poor quality, with screws with poor quality heads and threading that was too tight. Having wired many plugs in my time this was by far the most unpleasant to connect.
robert parmar
28 June 2018
Too messy to wire up a plug
Matthew Y.
22 January 2018
All good.
T C.
25 May 2018
Good price
4 October 2017
Good quality.... and erm its a plug !!

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