Mountain Buggy bagrider PHIK BAGRIDER_V1_5

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Product Description

  • Bagrider takes the fuss out of family travel, and offers a simple solution for parents travelling with tired toddlers
  • Bagrider offers dual functionality going from suitcase mode, to the travelling seat mode with the simple twist of a dial and comes with an easy-to-attach cushioned seat liner
  • Safety tested to support a child up to 15kgs/33lbs of weight
  • With two sets of wheels (four in total), bagrider can be easily manoeuvered depending on your mode of use. Use all four when in travelling seat mode, and transform to two wheels when using as a normal carry on suitcase.
  • Along with the cushioned seat liner, bagrider includes a 5-point safety harness with adjustable straps, so your little one will be safe and secure.
  • On top of the 35L storage that bagrider provides as a carry on suitcase, at the rear of the seat liner, there is an elasticated mesh pocket for easy to access storage, perfect for passports or phone!

Mountain Buggy bagrider is a problem solver for families who are travelling and struggle having to take a buggy and carry on luggage. It offers effortless travel time for families, as it transforms into a travelling seat for toddlers up to 15kg/33lbs, whilst still retaining its luggage storage capacity. When not in travel seat mode, bagrider can quickly transform back into a normal 2-wheel carry on suitcase.

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5 July 2018
As other reviewers mentioned, people are asking what type of luggage is, and they are curious when they see us to push this buggy-luggage. However I can't give 5 stars, because there isn't any locking mechanism on the wheels, therefore you need to take EXTRA care, when you close the rear wheels, otherwise, the wheels will be abraded. You should move the rear wheels back into it's place in the right position. Not easy.
Amazon Customer
15 August 2017
The unit came with a handle malfunction.
Time was short before little Tommy could roadtest the bagrider.
Customer services pulled out the stops with a replacement Buggy Bagrider.

Result 100% all round satisfaction. Well done grest service and product..*****
Ali Syed
27 December 2017
very useful and handy. almost 4.9kg when empty so still a room of around 2kg weight since most of the flights allow 7kg.
Amazon Customer
16 September 2018
Great product - fit a specific purpose for us. Easy to use, felt secure. Only issues - wheels are cheap and so it rattles a lot when pulling along, and also no top handle makes it awkward to lift when moving around quickly without the baby. Otherwise, great and certainly got lots of questions from curious parents at the airport.
25 October 2017
ive read a comment saying that its not roomy, it is not but i only use it to put my daughters stuff whilst were flying like extra clothes or nappy. Its durable and fashionable as well. I dont need to bring my pram on top of our hand-in luggage they can all be checked-in and just use this one. So i gave it a 5 star my daughter is like a superstar in the airport! A lot of people had asked us where we got it and they also took a photo of it. So yes this is one of my best purchase for my daughter. Its expensive but worth it
Amazon Customer
30 November 2017
Seam verygood
Amazon Customer
17 January 2018
Took it abroad with us onces and on the first trip the corners of the suitcase got dented. Poor quality, not sturdy enough will be requesting a return

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