Pull Up Fitness. Easy to install.

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Product Description

  • The multi purpose Pull Up Fitness machine is the ultimate outdoor gym / activity center for your household!
  • With a maximum carry weight of 150kg, it can be used for several purposes such as a Pull up bar, a stand for boxing bags / swing sets, or a station for home gymnastics.
  • The top bar of the device has padding for extra comfort and a better grip.
  • The Pull Up Fitness can be adjusted to serve all members of the house, from kids to adults, with up to 8 different heights, and 5 different width sizes.
  • The Assembly is very quick and easy, making this product very portable and suitable for travel as well.

Technical information:

* Height can be adjusted from 40-50 (CM) - 8 options to select from.
* Width can be adjusted from 0-80 (CM) - 5 options to select from.
* Depth 0 (CM).
* Maximum weight 50kg.
* Size when packed 45*7*4 (CM).

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