Revlon RVHA6475UK Perfectionist 2-in-1 Dryer KAZ

£ 24 22

Product Description

  • 2-in-1 dryer and styler with ionic conditioning ioniser to eliminate static and deliver a smooth finish
  • Two heat settings plus cool shot
  • Flexible tangle free bristles and massaging ball tips
  • Tangle free swivel cord
  • 3 year guarantee

Product Description

Combining the power of a dryer with the smoothing effect of a paddle brush, the Dryer delivers smooth, blown-dry hair in just half the time. Its design helps you blow dry the back of your hair with ease so you can achieve all round salon hair without fly aways or frizz. Drying and shaping has never been easier or more gentle.

Box Contains

1 x Revlon Paddle Dryer

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14 January 2018
I have natural 4c Afro-Caribbean hair. This is nice to use and doesn't blow hair everywhere. Although it does a nice job on the mid-lengths and ends it isn't great on the roots. It leaves my hair nice and soft and doesn't feel as damaging as a regular dryer, however, I still have to use regular dryer and pik attachment if I want my roots done properly.

My mother has a slightly looser curl and it does her hair, roots to ends no problem.

Ps. Don't forget to use a heat protectant on hair first!
28 July 2017
It does the job that it says it does, but I really find it hard to hold as the handle is too wide. It is light enough but holding it is not easy because it is slippery too. My hand slips down near the bristles after a few minutes of using it. I have had brush hairdryers before but this is the first one I couldn't hold properly at all.

But for the price, I can't really complain.
17 June 2017
I was skeptical about this, but it works!!!
I have never blow-dried my hair until now because every blow dryer I use makes it go frizzy (unless I spend hours using a round brush to style it at the same time.). Now I can blow dry my hair in under half an hour (I have very thick hair) and it looks sleek and shiny!

It is quite big but not too heavy so fairly easy to hold. The high setting is pretty loud, but similar to other blow dryers. Also, if you have a sensitive scalp, the bristles of the brush are not very forgiving as they are made of hard plastic.
Amazon Customer
17 June 2017
Just got this today and omg what a life saver. I have 4c super kinky hair, so doing a blow out on my hair is like the most time consuming thing ever. To get a decent blow out it takes a couple of hours! I used this today and it took 20 minutes! Amazing! So easy! I thought it would be quite heavy but it's super lightweight. Would have been 5 stars but the air distribution isn't equal, most of it comeso from the top. But hey it does the job!
12 January 2017
I'm black and not entirely sure what hair type I have, but this works great.
Crystal Henry
25 December 2017
This product needs to get some love, It really stretched my natural hair out unlike my rubbish cheap Wahl blow dryer, which i'm never going back to, this actually worked for my hair, as skeptical as I was, it worked . Plus my hair is kinky and getting longer and more dense, I needed something that is efficient and that would work for my hair the way I wanted it to. I got very good results just from blow drying, In my opinion it could pass for flat ironing on low to medium heat or a nice sleek blowout, that's how good it is, Love it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Revlon, for this blow dryer, it is now my holy grail !!!!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU !!!!!
22 March 2018
This has been a life saver! I have teenage daughter's with waist length thick afro carribean hair. Due to the length they always struggled to use a normal hair dryer and paddle brush and even a powerpik hairdryer they were unable to manage, now this fantastic hairdryer has enabled them to now manage to dry and help blow out their own hair.
26 March 2017
Excellent product! i have curly/ frizz towards Afro texture hair and its a nightmare blow drying my hair before straightening this product help cut down the process by an 1 hour! brilliant