Rocom Door Intercom with 2  Family House Wire Nspar End 2  Wire Technology, 1  Piece, 2CKSD 1 Piece Farfisa

£ 32 75

Product Description

  • Wire Nspar end 1 + N wiring, bell systems Replacement)
  • Complete with power supply
  • No additional cables for door opener is necessary.
  • Central powered by the included power supply. No plug on the home phone.
  • White LED Name Plate Lighting

ClicKit, so easy, so click!

ClicKit is the new audio kit line designed by Aci Farfisa
for all one or two-way solutions. Installing the kit is as easy
as a click, ready for installation, because it is versatile,
because the push-button panel has a new appealing look,
because all items are compact, because the most simple
electronic call technologies are available, because it is
for 1 or 2 users.

And if you don't think it's enough ...
then have a look at the details of the new Click external
station: reduced dimensions for best solution in case of
small spaces, such as gates or columns, high resistance
and protection level, excellent quality/price ratio, anodized
aluminium front plate, large name plate backlight with
elegant white LEDs, version for surface or flush mounting,
call confirmation guaranteed for external user.

ClicKit includes all installation elements, from the Click
external station to the Exhito elegant internal unit and
power supply.

The packaging is modern, practical and contemporary. Aci
Farfisa presents 8 types of kits according to technology,
installation mode of the external station and number of
users to solve all types of one or two-family applications.

Whats Included:
Kit Name: 1CKSD
1x EXTERNAL STATION: CK surface mounted 1 button

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