VENI MASEE Sports Thick Solid Color Wristband with Zipper/Wrist Wallet, 1PCS/2PCS PACK

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  • Practical Use-VENI MASEE Sports zipper wristband is lightweight & vertical to be used in gym, basketball, soccer, tennis, workout, running, walking, yoga, cycling, badminton, baseball, table tennis and any other physical exercise activity, to keep health and fitness for each user. It is convenient to stash your Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, ID, Keys, Energy Gels, etc. while you are out participating in your various fitness endeavors.
  • Performance Wristbands-Fashionable sport zipper wristband with different colors. Providing Varies Series of colors and combinations for your option and meet your all needs. 2 Ply thickness knitted extra-plush that is soft and highly absorbent for maximum comfort. Lightweight and durable, maintains shape for long term wearing.
  • Elastic Comfortable Sweatbands-Made from high level sweat-wicking organic cotton, which wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. It can keep you cooler and comfortable during you enjoy the activities. This head wrap breathes well, to keep sweat out of your eyes. Non-slip, odor-resistant organic cotton keeps you looking great effortlessly, no worries about your hair during do sports. Wear it to cover your ears on cool or windy days.
  • Size and Material-[Ingredient]85% Cotton, 12% Spandex, 3% Nylon.[Size For Wristband] 4 x 3.15inch (10cm x 8cm). One size fits all. Unisex-different super quality headbands sweatband.
  • About The Pictures-All the pictures and photos are taken and designed by ONBENE INC. staff group. Copyrights Reserved and we will pursuit legal responsibilities of any infringement.

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N Thammanna
29 March 2017
Poor quality.

Absolutely loved this as I could keep RFID enabled cards such as my work ID and Oyster card in it and easily tap my wrist against devices for activation.

Lost three stars as it developed a hole, Skin side, just after a day of use. Not good if you store smaller items but fits snuggly enough for this not to become an issue on this one

I seem to be getting alot of products from Amazon lately that appeared to have slipped through quality control.
k8s views
27 May 2016
Holds a credit or debit card or a set of keys. I am female and have an 18.5 cm wrist circumference. I have worn it so that zip section is on the underneath of my arm. I would say that this is perhaps at the maximum stretch of the wristband and can be a bit uncomfortable if worn for hours on end in one go. Is also marketed to hold cash and keys and would practically do so also suitable for other small items eg rings etc. I would say for a security point of view to wear one on each wrist so that they look like sweat bands if arms are bare. Come in a variety of colours but note that they are sold singularly. Good idea if you don't want valuables in a pocket or wallet/bag. Not a brand name so only comes in one size. Made of terry towelling material with sewn in zip for storage of valubles.
Miss Harriett Bean
24 October 2014
This seems an excellent little gadget. The fabric really is cotton, so it feels very soft and natural against your skin. The zip seems good quality, although i have only inspected and tried it on, not actually carried anything in it. The whole band is hollow inside, but I suppose it would be difficult to carry much e.g. cards or keys because it would stick out unnaturally against your wrist (or ankle?), but the idea and the quality of materials seem excellent. I ordered one initially to see how I got on with it, but i will order some more for other people's gifts in due course. Thank you for fast delivery, good packaging and a lovely item.
22 August 2016
Can't really fault this item. Cheap, quick delivery and reasonable quality. I'm a man of medium build, and the fit is fine - I wear it whilst jogging, and it sits nicely on the wrist, also acting as a sweatband unlike the neoprene wrist wallets. The only thing I will say, is don't expect to fit the kitchen sink in it - I use it for a bit of loose change and two house keys. I was hoping to fit an inhaler in, but that's a stretch too far.
13 March 2017
love this holds my door key securely in the zipped pouch while I'm out running and I can wipe the seat away with it. It goes in the washing machine and TUMBLE dyer after every use and it still looks the same as when I bought it. I waited to write this review to give it time to see how it would hold up, I would 100% recommend it.
28 April 2016
Got this as a sleep band for my fitbit one. It was a whole lot cheaper than the original fitbit sleep band. The original frayed after a while and burst at the side causing the fitbit to fall out in the night. This new one is quite tight and you may feel you can't wear it as it would be uncomfortable and stop you from sleeping. Not wanting to pay the price for the original fitbit sleep band, I decided to try this one and have managed to sleep no problem. You can see the imprint of the band on my wrist in the morning but it is not that tight to interfere with your circulation (I don't think). If I am honest, the original band that came with my fitbit one is far more comfortable but I really object to paying the price they are asking and it frays fairly quickly. This band arrived within a few days and was securely packed.
5 July 2017
Not great as a sweat band, surprisingly brilliant for convenience.

Good to carry house key and little mp3 player when running. When paranoia of dropping either on the run kicks in then just touch your wrist. You will scratch your forehead on the zip though (repeatedly - and feel dumb each time).

I haven't done yet but i could see myself using it at the beach or anywhere wallet unfriendly.
27 October 2017
This took a little while to arrive but it was from China. The band is made from good quality elasticated towelling with a small zip inserted to make a pocket. I use mine to carry my work swipe card which I need to open all doors at the premises. I got fed up with it hanging around my neck on a lanyard so I just swipe my wrist across the door sensors now and forget I'm wearing it.