Yaokin umaib? Sugar Rusk taste 6gX30 bags

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Product Description

  • Contents: 6gX30 bags
  • Ingredients: corn (not genetically modified), veg
  • Product size (height x depth x width): 100mmx370m

The ever-popular series of product introduction candy. Popular during the boiling of the rod-shaped type of crispy snack! Is Sugar Rusk taste. Umaib? is candy to represent Japan Yaokin sold. Umaib? is initiated is launched in July 1979, are sold in many shops until today Since then, we have I am eating to everyone. This product is, it will be to set commodity umaib? has entered 30 lines, please enjoy the good to your heart's content bar. Note (Disclaimer)> areas exposed to direct sunlight Please read carefully, please avoid storage at the place of high temperature and high humidity.

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